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Laura Bond has been riding with Sandra for about 7 years. "Sandra really puts her heart and soul into it when she is teaching. If you don't get something, you can be assured she will stick with you until you do get it." In 2002, Laura sold her lovely thoroughbred mare Dutchess, after taking High Point honors with her at First Level. She decided to ‘move up a notch’ and purchased a fabulous 4-year-old bay Oldenburg gelding, Lancelot, out of Lyndon Rife's old stallion, Lehnsritter. Their first year together they competed successfully with scores in the high 60's. Last year Laura and her husband Zak moved to a new home near Magnolia, and have Lance and their Hanoverian gelding, Gabe, in their own back yard!

Pam Boutte has been riding since she was 6 years old and now owns two wonderful horses. Fleet is a 32 years ‘young’ thoroughbred Pam evented in high school, who is spending her retirement at WFR. Katy is a 16-year-old thoroughbred mare Pam has owned for 10 years who is currently schooling Third Level. Pam's showing has been on hold since the arrival of her two daughters, and her but she loves mommy-hood and her 4-year-old Madelyn is already showing strong signs of loving horses too (Dad's in trouble!). “WFR and Sandra have been such a blessing to me! Sandra is an eloquent and compassionate trainer and friend. The family atmosphere plus the love and care that the horses and riders receive is unparalleled. WFR is the only place I have experienced where being out of town does not elicit worry about what might happen to my four-legged ‘babies’.”
Andrea “A2” Dietz is a busy graduate student receiving her Master of Architecture degree from Rice University. She began half-leasing Stryker about a year ago because, busy or not, she found she could not live without at least an occasional equine fix. Sandra has granted the perfect outlet for this need, providing a balance of challenge and understanding while she juggles both school demands and the desire to become a better rider. “I cannot express enough thanks for the home and opportunity that I have found at Willow Fork Ranch.” Hailing from Virginia, she grew up around horses, riding mostly hunters. Introduced to dressage while an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, A2 cannot wait to finish up her school obligations so she can dedicate more time to her riding goals and passions.
Lizette Lobpries grew up with two Paints in her backyard, and spent the majority of her childhood riding bareback through fields, trails, and pastures with her friends. College, marriage, and children temporarily stopped all that, but a love of horses was permanently imbedded. Lizette found Willow Fork Ranch in April 2004 when she bid on a riding lesson that Sandra had donated to the Katy High School Project Grad silent auction. Lizette was high bidder, and without realizing it, Phase II of her life with horses had begun. Despite her thinking she had no free time, the challenge to take her horsemanship to a higher (much higher!) level, the encouragement and warmth shown by Sandra and her adopted barn family, and the serene country setting at Willow Fork Ranch proved too hard to resist. “I look forward to improving my riding at WFR for many years to come!”
Sicily Ann Mader started riding with her nana when she was still in diapers. Three years ago, at the ripe old age of 5, she indignantly told her “Nana, you need to be teaching me more! Like you do when the other girls trot, you know, one and two and one and two.” Since then Sicily has progressed to riding Sandra’s show mare Charisma, her declared favorite. Sicily puts her on the bit at the walk, and on the lunge she gleefully rides every step of her huge trot! (Oh, to ride with such balance and wild abandon!!) She loves to come watch nana at the horse shows, and last fall finally decided she was ready for her first show. That smile in the accompanying picture says it all! The gold medal she won that day is her most prized possession, but she still thinks its cool that she is big enough to dump the buckets of feed all by herself!
Mary May has been horse crazy since childhood and has competed in just about every English riding discipline during the past 25 years. She’s coming back from several years off after she retired her eventing partner Mac, and had her two children, Reagan and Kelsey. She couldn’t wait to get back into riding again, and finally after months of searching, Mary found and purchased her new eventing partner, Olivia, a striking 3-year-old bay Tobiano Paint. Mary first contacted Sandra about a horse trailer, but she ended up discovering that WFR was just what she was looking for in a boarding facility! Mary truly appreciates the quality of instruction she and her young mare receive. "Sandra is a terrific teacher! She is very precise with her instruction, and although she is tough, she is kind. I gave her a video of when I was competing with Mac, to give her an idea of where I was coming from. Her response? A very diplomatic "You’re a terrific jumper! And I can really help you with your dressage!" And she has!
  Elizabeth McKenna has been interested in horses since a very young age. She took a trail ride when she was 4, and her parents thought they would never get her peeled off her horse! Most of her Christmas gift list is comprised of horse charms, horse toys, and horse books! Elizabeth recently found Willow Fork Ranch and decided that Sandra Adair was the perfect person to teach her dressage. She has a strong, independent personality with a burning desire to learn. She has already begun to master the basics of dressage and seems to be a natural at this equine sport. Elizabeth loves every part of the ranch and the whole family enjoys watching her lessons and being at the barn with its quiet, loving atmosphere. “Sandra is such an experienced teacher and everyone learns so much from her with every visit!”
Terri Moehle has been riding horses all her life and has been a part-time student at WFR since it opened in 1992! Terri is a very talented rider who enjoys many different disciplines. She is a lovely dressage rider, a competent jumper and loves to trail ride. A technician for Katy Veterinary Clinic, Terri is always learning anything she can about horse health, breeding, imprinting, and general horse care. She has recently fallen in love with a new horse at the barn and has returned to her dressage training with renewed vigor! Terri holds Sandra in high regard as an instructor, a horsewoman, and a friend.
Melissa Painter has been a student at WFR since she was in 5th grade. She came not knowing anything about dressage and having millions of
‘ hunter habits’. “Ms. Adair has been extremely patient with me!” Melissa, now a sophomore in high school, began leasing Katrina several years ago and her commitment to her riding has begun to pay off. In 2003 she was the HDS First Level Junior Champion with scores in the mid-60's and last year she was the HDS Second Level Junior Champion with scores in the high 60’s! As she advances to Third Level she is looking forward to the new challenges facing her. “I owe all my success to Ms. Adair, because she makes riding dressage both fun and challenging. She started out as my instructor, but now she is my friend.”
Kendra Palkowsky has been riding for nine years, and took lessons from Ms. Adair when she was just 6 years old. She tried western and hunter / jumpers before choosing to continue with dressage, deciding that it was both challenging and fun. When she and her family moved to Austin, they purchased Stryker, a handsome fourteen year old, 16.3 bay quarter horse gelding. Kendra enjoyed teaching her mom, Betsy, how to ride on him! When her family moved to Katy a year later, they moved Stryker to WFR and Kendra renewed her dressage training in earnest. She and Stryker have come a long way in the two years that they have been a team. The pair is currently schooling First and Second Level. Kendra feels that Ms. Adair has provided her great insight on the fundamentals of dressage and has shown immense patience in helping her achieve her goal of becoming an exceptional dressage rider.
  Hope Smith has been in love with horses since she was 7 years old. She started reading about and doing projects on horses at home and school and occasionally had an opportunity to ride someone’s horse. She’s dreamed of taking riding lessons for several years. Her first exposure to Willow Fork Ranch was late in 2004 when she came with her mother to watch a freestyle clinic that was held over Thanksgiving weekend. The very next month Hope had her first riding lesson with Ms. Adair on Traveler. Mrs. Smith delights in telling everyone, “Hope looks so forward to her weekly trips to Willow Fork Ranch. Ms. Adair is a wonderful teacher and everyone at the ranch is so nice. Hope is now one very happy girl!”
Rachel Tolbert has been around horses since before she could walk. In fact, Rachel’s entrance into the world started at a barn just after her very pregnant mother had finished exercising her mare. Since then she has always enjoyed being around horses and is a certain source of treats for them. Rachel has decided to pursue the art and discipline of good horsemanship. She loves to ride with Ms. Adair, who shows great enthusiasm for young riders and also inculcates in beginners an appreciation for being a correct and thoughtful equestrian. When not riding, Rachel’s passions include reading, creating art, and listening to all of the Classic Rock greats that her parents have introduced her to. It has become quite clear to Mr. Tolbert that horses will be in the Tolbert family for generations to come!
Sarah Tolbert has been around horses for over twenty years, participating in many disciplines including western pleasure riding, hunters and dressage. Sarah is the mother of three wonderful children and has a very supportive husband who gladly suffers all the toils and joys of a life around horses. She now owns Beaumont, a 5-year old bay gelding out of the USDF Horse of the Year Reserve Champion, Bolivar. It was Sandra’s keen eye and expertise that helped pair this great match after working with Sarah for only three months. Beaumont is currently helping Sarah pursue her personal dressage goals and, despite his size, is helping to introduce her children to the love of horses as well. Although Sarah has been with Sandra for only one year, she feels she has finally found a permanent home to pursue the study of classical riding principles.



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