WFR Students

No mater what their age or riding level, or whether they compete or not, one thing the Willow Fork Ranch students have in common is a commitment to learning how to ride dressage correctly. They understand the importance of the classical training pyramid, and strive to meet its principles in their daily riding. (Ms. Adair has been known to start teaching rhythm and relaxation to future students while they’re still in the womb, by gently patting and singing “one and two, and one and two”!)

Seeing their horses as their partners, WFR students are always looking to improve the harmony between themselves and their mighty steeds! They work on becoming more conscious riders, ones that can influence every step of their ride. Consequently, they have all become advocates of riding to music and musical freestyles.

You’ll see in the news that they do go to shows, and they try to win! But they go as a group and they
go to have fun! The focus is on learning. There’s nothing like getting ready for a show to hone up your timing (and point out where you need work!) They go to clinics and come to Ms. Adair’s lessons with Martha to improve their riding skills and their rider’s eye. They also get out of the arena and go on trail rides, enjoying their horses going forward with ease!

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